On a summer’s day not long ago, three women came into their shared workplace and saw that, coincidentally, each of them had chosen to wear stripes that day.  At the time it seemed merely a funny coincidence, something we could joke about, and then something we almost instantaneously forgot.

As time passed and we carried on with our daily challenges both at work and at home, each of us, without warning, would turn up to work wearing stripes. It was something we did when we needed to give ourselves some extra confidence, or that often needed extra boost.  Without acknowledging it, the wearing of stripes began to take on a different meaning. When we knew that one of us was having an important meeting,  a demanding conversation, or had a difficult day coming up, we would inform our sisters to wear stripes the next day.  It became a sign of solidarity, a silent signal to each other that we were in their corner and thinking of them.

As we began thinking of how our experiences may be of interest to other women, and as the idea of a website and blog became a more concrete one, we searched for a name to our website.  Of course, Striped Sisters seemed to be the only choice, as the stripes were where it all started.  No other name could really represent what we were hoping to achieve: a community of women, different in many ways and often of diverse opinions, but always agreeing on the important things and always supportive of each other.

We hope by sharing our thoughts, views and experiences that you too will feel informed and supported and we would like to extend to you a warm welcome to our community of Striped Sisters.