Finding myself in a period of unexpected ‘under-employment’, this Striped Sister decided that without the constraints of a ‘work routine’, I could use this new-found time to attend any free workshops that caught my eye.  A random search on the web generated a lot of interest but as with a mind that oscillates,  I could not always recall what had led me to a particular website or a particular event.

Such randomness served me in good stead as in late November 2019 I found myself at Coram Fields in Bloomsbury attending a breakfast seminar, intriguingly entitled ‘Life after 50’  organised by the Centre for Ageing Better.   For those who know me well, this would hardly be a surprise: this seminar had the magic ingredients of an early morning start, (yes I am one of those people), a location in London that I’d always wanted to explore, and let’s be honest, the added motivation of ‘breakfast’.  Translate this to an almond croissant and a latte and I’m sold!    Now for those who think this workshop involved some lifestyle tips incorporating health, beauty and exercise, think again, this was so much more.

I arrived early.  Said breakfast was ready and waiting. Juggling Coram Field mug and breakfast snacks,  I sat down and did what I habitually do: look around to see who had turned up for this event.  Shortly and unpredictably I became sandwiched between two executive coaches (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write) one informing me that he worked as a ‘transition coach’.  Before I could begin my polite questioning of said coach, an explanation was readily proffered and really it was more obvious than you would think.  A ‘transition coach’ assists ‘career changers’ and particularly those of us who are a little older, to fathom out what direction they want to take next.  How fortuitous I thought!   Further exploration was needed and that didn’t take long as this obviously very skilled coach asked a few opening questions that would have put Derren Brown to shame.  ‘I guess you are looking at job advertisements and feeling a lack of excitement?’  ‘I guess you feel that is something you have already done?’  ‘Well then – in one minute, tell me what skills and experience you have to offer.’ Now I am not always that great at embarking on self-elevator type pitches, and actually had only learned that very phrase recently, but to my amazement words just seemed to trip off my tongue. Maybe that early morning caffeine had really done the trick!  In fact my answers sounded a lot more articulate than I expected them to be.  Is this man some kind of magician I asked myself?

However, before I was able to ponder this further, we were ushered to the seminar……. but more of that in the next post.

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